Amanda ♥ (_butterflywings) wrote in moonie_promos,
Amanda ♥

New Sailor Moon RPG

After the destruction of Chaos, Usagi and the senshi thought everything would go back to normal. It seems as if everyone's dreams have come or are on the way to coming true. The senshi are now 19 and Usagi is now married to Mamoru. The starlights have returned to Kinmoku with Princess Kakyuu, and at a glance, their planet is reviving beautifully. Everyone's life seemed to be going great... until that day.
Suddenly, Rei begins having strange premonitions about the destruction of a planet, although at first it is not quite clear what planet it is. Seiya is starting to notice that the people of Kinmoku are starting to behave… very strangely, and begins having nightmares. Concerned for Princess Kakyuu, the starlight manages to contact his old friend, Tsukino Usagi, and she and her friends are on their way to a planet galaxies away. After all these years, Usagi’s decision not to destroy the Galaxy Cauldron are coming back to haunt her and Seiya. It’s now time to face the consequences as Cosmos has returned to Kinmoku.

see our community kinmoku_nights for rules and info. Looking for almost all characters! :) Thanks
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