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moonie_promos's Journal

♥ Sailor Moon Comm/Site Promotions ♥
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+ Introduction +

Do you own a Sailor Moon ♥fansite♥ or ♥live journal community♥? Let other BSSM fans know about them by promoting your site at moonie_promos! We strive to help you ♥publicize♥ your websites and communities so that we can all be more in touch with the online world of Sailor Moon, so join the club and get to ♥advertising♥!

+ Requirements +

Do not just post a link to a site or community in your entry. Make sure you tell us the ♥purpose♥ of your site or community when advertising, or the moderators will delete your post.

BAD EXAMPLE: hi please join my community commhere
GOOD EXAMPLE: Hi! Please join my community commhere. It is a new community that specializes in Sailor Moon icons and other graphics.

Thanks for agreeing to follow the golden rule, and good luck with your sites!