Amanda ♥ (_butterflywings) wrote in moonie_promos,
Amanda ♥

^_^! Hello

This community is great, I'm so glad I found it. :)

My name's Manda. I have a small SM website and 2 SM communities on LJ.

My website is Crystal Moon Utopia.
Right now I have some "dolls", a few character bios, a "which starlight are you" quiz, *some* fanfiction and fanart, and a few other things. I plan to add AMVs when I start making them and some LJ icons eventually. I really need some fanfiction and fanart, and also am looking for affiliates. If you're interested please comment or email me :)

I have a community dedicated to the Three Lights called do_me_3lights. Anything and everything about the Three lights, icons, fan fiction, goods for sale, contests, you name it.

Also I just made heartpounding. It's a Seiya and Usagi community. Anything and everything Seiya/Usagi. :)

Also would like to let you know I allow related advertising in my communities as long as you don't over-do it. But please don't join just for that! ^^;

Hope to hear from you all! Thanks.
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