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Looking for fan art?

Hey guys! I'm here to let you know about sailormoon_art, an awesome Sailor Moon community just for fan art. Any medium is acceptable, from quick doodles in the margin of your class notes to full-out digital masterpieces. Any version of the series is acceptable, too: manga, anime, Sera Myu, PGSM, and anything else you can dig up, as long as it's SM.

The community also has a monthly challenge, which involves artists creating works inspired by a given theme. At the end of each month, members vote on their favorite pieces of art and the winners receive cool prizes. You don't have to participate in the challenge if you're a member of the community, but you do have to be a member to participate. This month's theme is "New"!

So if you've ever wanted a place just for Sailor Moon fan art, you've found it. Check out sailormoon_art, spread the word, and feel free to join whether you're an artist or just want to see other peoples' art.

Hope to see you there!

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