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new RPG

After the destruction of Chaos, Usagi and the senshi thought everything would go back to normal. It seems as if everyone's dreams have come or are on the way to coming true. The senshi are now 19 and Usagi is now married to Mamoru, who is now a successful doctor. Ami is making excellent grades in college and on her way to becoming a doctor, Rei is content to be out of highschool and have her time to devote to the temple and her spirituality instead of late night study sessions. Makoto is in college studying restaurant management, with a part time job at a bakery and well on her way to becoming a famous chef one day. Minako is studying theatre in school and working towards becoming an actress. Michiru is making a comfortable living as a violinist and part time art teacher, while her partner Haruka is having the best of luck with her racing and working at an auto repair shop. Hotaru has just started highschool and making excellent grades. Setsuna has a job at a fashion magazine, and her boss doesn't think her designs are too shabby either. Princess Kakyuu and her starlights are back on Kinmoku, and their planet is reviving beautifully. Everyone's life seemed to be going great... until that day.
The Cauldron Guardian had warned Usagi this might happen. That Chaos might one day be reborn. Sailor Cosmos returned to the future, encouraged by Usagi's words and bravened by her spirit, determined to fight Chaos in the future should it be reborn.
But Cosmos was caught off guard. When Chaos was reborn, it was reborn stronger, and as hard as Cosmos fought, she couldn't stop it - the takeover of Cosmos by Chaos was immenent.
Now Cosmos, taken over by Chaos, has returned to the past, and the senshi's peaceful lives are about to change once again....

This RPG follows the manga.

If you're interested, come here, join, and apply: return_of_chaos

I need ALL CHARACTERS excluding Usagi and Minako.
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