Amanda ♥ (_butterflywings) wrote in moonie_promos,
Amanda ♥

looking for Mars, Tuxedo Kamen

I am looking for players for Tuxedo Kamen aka Mamoru Chibi and Sailor Mars aka Hino Rei for my RPG, kinmoku_nights. Also open are Diana and the asteroid senshi.


After the destruction of Chaos, Usagi and the senshi thought everything would go back to normal. It seems as if everyone's dreams have come or are on the way to coming true. Usagi and the inner senshi are now 19 and Usagi is married to Mamoru. The starlights have returned to Kinmoku with Princess Kakyuu, and at a glance, their planet is reviving beautifully. Everyone's life seemed to be going great...
But suddenly, strange things start happening on Kinmoku. There are disappearances and at first, no one seems to know what's going on.
Now it seems that Usagi's decision not to destroy the galaxy cauldron and destroy Chaos for good has come back to haunt her and the senshi will once again meet up to fight another battle against Chaos.

For rules and how to apply, please go to our community here: kinmoku_nights
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